Festival: Gathering Of The Goofpunx (Portland, Oregon)

The Gathering Of The Goofpunx is a celebration of DIY-Punk culture in Portland, OR beginning Thursday, April 5th and continuing through Sunday, April 8th. The weekend will feature all-ages punk shows, a parade, a spelling bee, a punk rock carnival, a late night screening of Weird Al’s classic “UHF”, and a bunch of other weird/fun shit. If DIY-punk culture was only about music, it would be fucking boring.

Over 50 bands will be performing including the likes of The Taxpayers and Ramshackle Glory.  You can check out the entire listing and get more info about the gathering right here.

For those of you that don’t know what the “goof punk” movement is all about (I didn’t til I wrote this post) you can read the Goof Punk Manifesto here.

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