Free Comp Download: “Our Friends Rock Harder Than Yours” (recommended for fans of 90s style punk)

I’m 6 songs deep into this punk compilation full of bands I’ve never heard of and I haven’t heard a single song I didn’t think was great.  Coming from a guy who runs a punk blog and listens to a LOT of punk music that’s saying something.  “Our Friends Rock Harder Than Yours” was put out as a free download by Belgium punk label 2K10 Records and it features 20 tracks by 20 different punk, ska and hardcore acts across Europe (maybe beyond).  If you’re into that 90’s style of melodic skate punk you’re going to make some fantastic new discoveries on this bad boy so stop reading and start listening below.

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  1. vdubowner
    vdubowner9/13/2014 4:44 PM | Permalink

    Actually pretty good. Listening to FACE THE FAX right now…wow.

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