Friskie Morris & Friends Records to Release 25 Track Comp Album “Welcome to Chicagoland Vol. 1”

Chicago’s Friskie Morris & Friends are putting out a massive comp of 25 bands from the Chicago scene. Our super special friends Davey Dynamite and Assassination Squad will be appearing on the comp. The whole thing is $3 for the digital version, or $4 for a limited edition CD in addition to the digital version.

The comp will be released on July 28th. Pre-orders are available at Bandcamp.

You can also check out Friskie’s podcast over on Soundcloud.

Check out the full tracklist below!

This reminded me that I was 14 when I bought my first comp. At Hot Topic. I also purchased an Operation Ivy t-shirt and a chain wallet with the anarchy logo on it because capitalism is hilarious and I was laughable. Pretty sure that was the Hot Topic punk rock adolescent starter kit.


1. Still Alive – Actors & Puppets
2. Burn Rebuild – Therapy
3. TurboVamps – That’s Life
4. Johnny Automatic – Blue Bomber
5. Dead Split Egos – Guilt
6. Otto Mann – Song for Brett Riffle
7. Torch The Hive – Fool’s Gold
8. Headspins – I Told You So
9. Fighting For Scraps – Same Side
10. Two Houses – Thunder Road
11. Ribbonhead – Honey Pot
12. Blood People – Burn The Ships
13. Squared Off – Blue Collar Cry
14. Flagass – No Control On Your Gun Control
15. Assassination Squad – Welcome To Atlanta
16. Davey Dynamite – Flower
17. Fitness – Sin Bad
18. IM Cunj – Earthquakes
19. Sleeping Under 47 – Lone Wolf
20. Dog & Wolf – Likes To Talk
21. Oscar Bait – Tebow
22. Voice of Addiction – Rust Belt
23. Double Feature – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley Cover)
24. The Kreutzer Sonata – Cowards Bend The Knee
25. The Damn Tracks – How Did We Get Here

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