Full Album Stream: The Lady and the Monsters (pop-punk) – “Sorry We’re Late”

Pennsylvania’s The Lady and the Monsters play keytar-infused old school pop-punk in the vein of classic bands like The Queers, The Methadones, and Teen Idols. Their new album “Sorry We’re Late” comes out on July 23rd through Sexy Baby Records but you aren’t gonna have to wait another second to hear it because we’re streaming the entire thing right now!

Check the album out below and, if you like what you hear, head on over to the Sexy Baby Records webstore to pre-order a physical copy.

[Audio:01-house-13.mp3, 02-without-you.mp3, 03-something-stronger.mp3, 04-til-now.mp3, 05-booklight.mp3, 06-happy-days.mp3, 07-im-a-drunk.mp3, 08-picnics.mp3, 09-suck-and-cover.mp3, 10-12-steps.mp3, 11-make-me-sick.mp3, 12-brews-and-buttered-toast.mp3, 13-sweet-pea.mp3, 14-catch-up.mp3|titles=House 13, Without You, Something Stronger, ‘Til Now, Booklight, Happy Days, I’m a Drunk, Picnics, Suck and Cover, 12 Steps, Make Me Sick, Brews and Buttered Toast, Sweet Pea, Catch Up|artists=]

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