Fun Factoid Friday: Scott Radinsky (Pulley) – punk singer or professional baseball player?

scott-radinskyEvery Friday the punk rock geniuses here at Dying Scene are going to unleash a little bit of punk scene trivia all over your asses.  Today’s “fun factoid” is about Pulley’s lead singer Scott Radinsky:

If you’ve been at all into punk music in the last 10 years you know (or should know) that Pulley is a melodic skate punk band that came out of the 90’s Epitaph golden era of punk rock.  If you know the band, you’ve probably also heard rumors that the band’s lead singer, Scott Radinsky,  had something to do with Major League Baseball.  Well, the “rumors” are actually true.  Radinsky was a left-handed former relief pitcher in Major League Baseball, who spent four years playing for the Chicago White Socks, two years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and finally one year the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Indians.  Known as “one of the best Jewish pitchers in major league history” Radinsky played his last game as a professional ball player in 2001.  All this and the dude has still managed to churn out a ton of great punk music.  Amazing.

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