Gary Meskil talks about Crumbsuckers reunion

Crumbsuckers bassist and founder Gary Meskil was recently interviewed by Noisey, where he talked about the band’s reunion. Asked if their upcoming performance at this year’s Black N’ Blue Bowl will be a one-off or the band will continue, Meskil replied:

“Well, we don’t have any plans of sort of rehashing the band’s career at this point, or making new music together, or even looking beyond the Black and Blue Bowl. If I had to guess right now, I would say that it would be the last time the band will get together. Everybody’s really busy doing other stuff. With Chris I know that it’s really trying on him, to try and get it back into the full swing as a hardcore singer. He has been out of the game for so many years; it has to be pretty tough for him.”

The Crumbsuckers, who released only two studio albums in their initial career (1986’s Life of Dreams and 1988’s Beast on My Back), first broke up in 1989 and shortly resurfaced under the name Heavy Rain before briefly reviving the Crumbsuckers name in 1990 and again in 2006. After the Crumbsuckers’ second breakup in the early 90’s, the rhythm section of Gary Meskil and Dan Richardson went on to form Pro-Pain, while Chuck Lenihan ended up with The Genitorturers.

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