Greg Graffin denies “True North” will be Bad Religion’s last album, says there’s “no reason to retire”

Remember we reported two years ago that Bad Religion weren’t going to record anymore after True North? Well, in a recent interview with, frontman Greg Graffin denied rumors that True North would be the band’s last album, claiming that this statement was a result of his “dry sense of humor”. He sets the record straight by saying:

“I always joke when I’m onstage, and sometimes my dry sense of humor doesn’t translate with people who are in the audience. I think there was probably a journalist at one of those shows who said, ‘I heard it! I heard it said, this might be their last album.'”

Greg was also asked what it would be like if Bad Religion retired, in which he replied, “I can’t imagine it. You’ve seen it happen too many times, where a band like Ozzy goes on tour and says, ‘This is it! This is our last f–king tour!’ And the tour is so wildly successful that nobody in their right minds would call it quits after that. The purpose of saying “this is our last tour” is only to drive publicity. And if it works, then there’s really no reason to really retire. We’re not into stunts. If that’s what we’re relying on, it flies in the face of this longevity and vitality I’ve been talking about all this time.”

True North will be released on Tuesday the 22nd on Epitaph Records. If you don’t feel like waiting until it’s released, you can stream that album in full here.

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  • This is the only site I go to that keep calling this their last anyway. There were whispers on other sites but you guys made sure to add “possibly their last” at the end of every BR story.

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