Guerilla Poubelle (punk) release video for “Golgotha”

French punks Guerilla Poubelle have released a new video for their song “Golgotha”. Guitarist and singer Till had this to say about the new video: “Here’s our new video, we used footage for the Carpenter movie ‘They Live’ (or ‘Invasion Los Angeles’ as they named it in France, don’t ask me why!), what a delight to watch our hero finds out about capitalism and punching cops, destroying a bank and rampaging a TV station building.” The stirring video is about as punk as it comes and features the iconic Rowdy Roddy Piper, and I’m pretty sure you can’t argue with a Canadian who wore a kilt to the squared circle.

Along with the new video, Guerilla Poubelle has announced a tour through Europe with label-mates Arms Aloft.

You can check out the new video and tour dates below.

This is the first new material from Guerilla Poubelle since their acclaimed album La Nausée was released back in 2017. 


20 LONDON  New River Studio
21 MANCHESTER  Manchester Punk Fest
22 CARDIFF  The Tiny Rebel
23 CANTERBURY  The Folkestonenor
25 FR METZ  Maison Des Etudians
26  DE LENENSSTADT – OT Grevenbrück
27 DE MUNICH  Kafe Kult
28 FR LUTTERBACH Salle des Brasseurs
29  DE MAINZ  Kreativfabrik
30  CH BULLE  Ebulition

2  FR MARSEILLE Skate Punk Fest
3 FR CIRAL Blizz Art Fest
4  FR MONTAIGU Rhinoferoces Fest
4  FR PARIS Le Gibus

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