Hawthorne Heights celebrate anniversary of “If Only You Were Lonely” with plans to play album in full

Hawthorne Heights have announced plans to play their 2006 record “If Only You Were Lonely” in full at this year’s Three Headed Monstour. The album, a classic for fans of the band, featured hit single “Saying Sorry” and was a gold release for the group. With regards the decision to play the record in full frontman JT Woodford had the following to say:

“Any time you revisit a portion of your past, you can expect to be met with a storm of emotions leading to a flood of memories. It has been a tremendous joy to sift through these memories, photos, and songs from the “If Only You Were Lonely” days, nearly a decade ago. We simply had our fans in mind when choosing to perform that album front to back, because great memories should be celebrated with the people you love”

Full details of the Three Headed Monstour can be found on the website, including schedule and ticket information.

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