In Fear And Faith: Pulling Your Pud Tour Video Collage

rise4In Fear And Faith has posted what I like to call a “video collage” of all 4 of the bands that will be playing on the upcoming Pulling Your Pud Tour which kicks off September 27th. Its cool because you get a 15 second taste of what each of the bands sound like so you can better prepare yourself for all the rocking that will happen on this tour. You can see the video by going to the bands myspace bulletin. But wait, it gets better… scroll down to the bottom of the bulletin and you can watch yet ANOTHER video of all the guys talking about touring, where they stole their band name from (hint: it rhymes with Schmirca Schmurvive) and then get a tour of their home-on-wheels. So go check out the videos and after you do that, run over to the bands Dying Scene Shows page to see where they’ll be playing.

In Fear And Faith released their first full length album “Your World On Fire” on Rise Records in Janruary of 2009.

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