Interview: Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die) on Warped Tour, making up with Less Than Jake and more

Coming off the resounding success of their 2012 release Ex Lives, Every Time I Die has done it again with the very different, yet quintessentially ETID brand new effort titled From Parts Unknown. Giving the album its first national showcase on this year’s Warped Tour, these vets from Buffalo absolutely killed it. Frontman Keith Buckley was kind enough to spare DS a few of his precious moments on the tour to talk about the past, the future, flowers from LTJ, and dream sequences.

Read the interview below, or head over here and watch it if you’re into videos filmed in portrait mode on an iPhone.

Dying Scene (Deb Draisin): Hey Keith, I’m Deb from Dying Scene, nice to meet you.

Keith Buckley: Nice to meet you, Deb.

Nice shiner.

(turns to mirror) Yeah, I just checked.

Very early into the tour, and you’re already beaten the crap out of.

That’s my whole life.

Did Less Than Jake do it?

Yeah (laughs). We’re really good friends with Less Than Jake now.

Oh, you made up! I’m so happy to hear that.

Kissed and made up.

Literally? Was it romantic? Did they buy you flowers?

No, they didn’t, but it was huge. It’s just so much easier to love everybody.

Then to have fights. So this is your…third Warped Tour, is it?

No, it’s our fifth.

Oh, it’s your fifth already, wow. How do you think that the tour’s changed over the years?

I don’t really feel like it has. I think it’s been consistent with taking what’s popular and surrounding that with new stuff that Kevin Lyman believes is going to be up-and-coming. While the center of it has changed its dynamic (it used to be really cool punk rock bands,) now it’s more dance-y bands, the concept is still exactly the same.

There’s been some disagreement as to whether or not careers actually get launched off of Warped Tour. What is your opinion on the matter?

Oh, they absolutely do. I remember watching Gaslight Anthem and Gym Class Heroes on the Ernie Ball Stage, Paramore on one of the little side stages.

The Architects did that.

(nods) Yeah. These bands were playing in front of like 25 people, and I was one of them. You just knew.

That’s badass, when you catch a band on the way up.


So the new album (From Parts Unknown) just dropped. Congratulations, you are getting some great reviews.

Thanks (smiles.)

Talk a little about the concept.

No real concept: I think we were just trying to make a faster, heavier album than we ever have, because we’re getting old. People think “Oh, they’re old, and this is their seventh album, so they’re probably going to slow.”

So you’ve got to punch them in the face.

You’ve got to just come out again really hot.

Was it written over the course of a few years, though, or was it just written recently?

No, it was written over the course of three weeks of touring.

What? Wow.

Yeah, we were on tour in Europe, and our traveling conditions were terrible. We were sharing a bus with a band we’d never met before.

How did that go?

Oh, it was great – we all got along, but there were personal space limitations. Everyone was on top of each other, and we were trying to get some quiet to focus on writing. So, we just crunched it out in the two or weeks of tour, and recorded it in three weeks, and there it is.

Is it easier, when it’s written quickly like that?

I think so. I think if you sit back and overthink it, it’s going to fuck it up.

Alright, so let’s talk about the videos. Are you doing sort of a “Trapped In The Closet” situation? Like, every video is going to be part of the story?

(laughing) No! Oh my God, great reference, but no, that wasn’t the idea. It was just going to be those two, and then the response was overwhelmingly “What are they doing next? What happens when they wake up?” I’m like “I don’t know, I didn’t think about that.”

So you had to show that.

Yeah, they liked those two characters.

Was that actually Eriksson (#27 Bruins) in the video, or was that just an actor?

No, it was Drew Stafford, from the Sabres.

Oh, I thought it was a Bruin. Wow, that was actually him? Fucking A, how did you get him to do that?

He’s a friend of ours, actually.


He comes to the shoot, and he’s got his hockey bag with him, and he’s like “Alright, where do I have to go to get changed?” He goes to this place upstairs, and then he comes back down, I mean, when you see a hockey player from down here, they’re like ninety feet tall, just this hulking mass. It was awesome (smiles.)

What gave you the idea to throw him in there, was it just like “Fuck it, let’s just get everybody and the kitchen sink?”

Yeah, we just needed something surreal, because it happens in a dream sequence.

They actually just pass out and never get to the show, right?

They pass out in the garbage, yeah (both laugh.)

Is that a personal reference – do you know people like that?

Oh, yeah.

I might know some people like that too.

A bunch of brainstorming came up with that, and then just having them there at the party and never mentioning it again. It’s cool.

Are you guys going to do a regular tour after this?

Yeah, we’re going to do a tour in Canada and then North America, but that hasn’t been announced yet.

So that’s up-and-coming!

It’s up-and-coming, yeah. We’ll be in the States in the fall for sure.

What’s the next single?

I don’t know yet, I haven’t thought about it, so if you guys have any suggestions…

Ooh! Well, do you have any personal pick, if you had say – do you have say, or does Epitaph tell you what it’s going to be?

They actually do – that’s a big deal, too. What’s weird is that they picked “Revival Mode” to be one of the singles on the last record.

Off of “Ex Lives,” yeah.

Yeah. We made a video for it, and we’ve never played it live ever.

Why is that?

(shrugging) I don’t know.

You don’t want to, or…?

(shaking his head) But it’s a perfect song for a video. Live, it’s just like…eh.

Well, I remember that that album was written angrily.

I was very angry.

Do you not relate to it anymore?

I do, in the same way that I relate to a thirteen-year-old version of myself – it’s not me now.

Have you ever kicked a song directly off the set for that reason?

Actually, no, I haven’t. If I have a feeling about some of those, like “I don’t want to do this, this is terrible,” I will speak up.

You’re not going to pull a Mustaine and be like “That’s not me?”

No. If they want to play it, I’ll play it, but there are ones that I prefer not to.

 So, who are you going to watch on tour?

I’ve watched a lot of people on tour. I actually watched this band Lionize today, did you ever see them?

I saw Lionize, they’re pretty good.

Shit, they’re awesome. Also, Plague Vendor, Bad Rabbits. Yeah.

Alright, I will let you get onto your next interview. Thank you, Keith.

Thank you.

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