Introducing New Gruff Pop-Punk Act: Bong Mountain (free EP download)

For fans of the grittier, gruffer side of pop-punk (somewhere between The Riot Before and Iron Chic) I’ve got a new band for you to check out.  Grand Rapids based Bong Mountain may be a new band but their members are seasoned veterans and it shows on their debut EP “You’re Doin’ Great!”.  Despite having a band name that is hard to take seriously (or maybe because of it) this EP is definitely worth a click and a cranking of the volume knob.  Give “You’re Doin’ Great!” a listen here (it’s also available for free download).

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  1. skunx999
    skunx99912/3/2015 10:03 PM | Permalink

    Bong Mountain are great. If you have not heard them, you should.

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