Introducing New Punk Act: Knockin Bones (free EP download)

If you’re a fan of that “…And Out Come The Wolves” punk meets rock ‘n roll sound, and dig the vocal stylings of Lars Frederiksen you’re going to want to check out Knockin Bones.  The three piece is a new band out of Austin, Texas formed by Bass Line Bums’ Marc Alan and they’ve just released their debut EP “Saved My Soul” as a free download.  Give it a listen below.

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  1. punknroll6950
    punknroll69508/12/2016 2:27 PM | Permalink

    I saw this band resently in a bar in Austin, TX. They kinda suck. I say kinda because the IT dork with a shitty Mohawk of a drummer is pretty damn good. Looks like he idolized Travis Barker. Also the bass player and other guitar player/back up vocals guy are awesome and rock. My problem is that the lead singer sucks. His voice and “stage presence” is obnoxious. He’s trying real hard to sound like Lard Fredeickson but is failing pretty badly. I tried to like them but the lead singer kills it every time. In a bad way. They should let the blonde guitar player with long hair front the band then I’d like to hear and watch them maybe. Looks like there pretty active and tour quite a bit so good for them but that lead singer though….man. I guess anyone can tour if there ambitious enough.

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