Introducing New Skate Punk Act: Fold The Nuts (full EP stream)

Normally when a band emails DS asking us to check out their debut album recorded at their friend’s “home studio” I prepare myself for an obligatory 30 second listen of a horribly produced screech fest before I move on to the next email.  Let me tell you, in the case of Athens’ Fold The Nuts I’m extremely glad I make a point of listening to every single band that emails us, even those with names as bad as “Fold The Nuts”.  What I discovered was a 6 song gem of a skate punk release.  Fantastic guitar solos, great speed, melodic vocals with just enough angst and clearly this friend with a home studio knows what he’s doing behind the knobs.  Do yourself a favor and check out the band’s self-titled debut below. You can thank me later.


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