Introducing: What’s Left Is Yours (Punk Rock)

My latest discovery comes from the Land Down Under and goes by the name of What’s Left Is Yours. The 3-piece punk outfit is currently streaming their debut self-titled EP and offering it as a pay what you want download. They’re playing a catchy-sing-along-Hardcoreish Pop-Punk. Confused? Let me explain: Being the sucker that I am, I got hooked at the 0:25 mark of the highly addictive opening song “Punk Rock Party”. But when I started listening to “Insanity”, the song that followed, I was like “Fuck, am I listening to the same band?!” A completely different sound from the first tune, a much more heavy and less poppy approach that somehow reminded me of Only Crime, and it didn’t stop there…I’ve been brought back to Blink-182’s “Dude Ranch” era as soon as the 3rd song “Mexico” kicked in… Anyway, I’ll stop there and let you guys judge it for yourself. If you like diversity and you feel like being all mixed up in a good way, give a listen to the Aussies in What’s Left Is Yours here.

Favorite track: “Insanity”

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