InVogue Records releases free 2013 sampler

InVogue Records wants you to get your hands on their music, for free.  The label has released their 2013 compilation, available here as a pay-what-you-can download.

The comp features 13 tracks, by artists including Let it Happen, That’s Outrageous, and Before Their Eyes.

You can check out the track listing here.

Track Listing

1. Famous Last Words – To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy

2. Dayseeker – Hollow Shell

3. Being As An Ocean – Salute e Vita

4. The Illumination – Giving Up My Pride

5. Let It Happen – Over My Head

6. Liferuiner – Vacant

7. Shreddy Krueger – Violence

8. Sienna Skies – Achiever

9. Restless Streets – Ijustwantyouhome (Acoustic)

10. Idlehands – Leeches

11. That’s Outrageous! – The New York Chainsaw Massacre Pt. II

12. Before Their Eyes – Dream

13. Worthwhile – Unlovable

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