Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) announces solo project AliKeN, streams new song “In The Shadows”

Jesse Leach of longtime Killswitch Engage fame has unveiled a new alter ego. Named AliKeN, the project is billed as having darker, more demonic melodic structures than we might expect from Killswitch’s normal material. Here’s part of what Leach, sorry…AliKeN, had to say:

So here I am finally putting something out as a “solo” artist. After many years of debate and quite frankly a mix of indecision and insecurity I went and just did it! I am bearing my soul a bit on this one, but as you will see and hear it’s the darker parts of my soul. This song inspired a video that in turn inspired the song lyrics and it all just came out of me.

I was having an off day I woke up out of some dark and demonic dreams (as I am prone to have occasionally all my life, but thats another story altogether) and I had this melody in my head. I figured out the melody on my keyboard and the song just started to take a life of it’s own. I went for a long walk in the rain and shot some footage (The footage was taken in the Bronx, NY – yeah really The Bronx has wooded parts ha ha) 

This song is only a portion of what I plan to do with my alter ego “AliKeN” as well as just putting music and videos out for the sheer expression and joy of making art in many forms. So I will not be bound by genre or stylistic restrictions. Love it hate it, this is the first step into my solo music.

Curious to see what this is all about? Check out the track “In The Shadows” and its corresponding video below.


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