Jim Lindberg talks about “Yesterdays” and his reunion with Pennywise

In an interview with L.A. Weekly, Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg talked about his reunion with the band, and their latest record Yesterdays, which is technically a proper album, but contains previously-unreleased songs written by their late bassist Jason Thirsk. Asked what inspired him to rejoin Pennywise, Jim replied:

“I just wanted what was going on to stop. You can’t have a song like “Bro Hymn” which is about friendship, unity, and sticking with your friends and then have a total fracture in the middle of the band. Unfortunately, we started having our problems when e-mail became the primary source of communication. That’s the worst way for bands to do business. We learned the hard way but I think we’ve hugged it out.”

Jim also talked about what inspired the band to revisit unreleased songs and put them on record, saying “These are the songs I fell in love with when [guitarist Fletcher Dragge] asked if I wanted to try out for Pennywise [in 1988]. These songs are from when we didn’t care about anything except playing backyard parties and having fun. It’s very unambitious.”

Yesterdays was released last Tuesday on Epitaph Records, and is their first album with Lindberg since 2008’s Reason to Believe. To support Yesterdays, Pennywise will take part in the Summer Nationals tour with The OffspringBad ReligionThe Vandals, and Stiff Little Fingers. After that, they will tour Europe with Rise Against.

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