Joey Cape’s Bad Loud release versions of The Caper’s Solo Songs

Joey Cape’s Bad Loud continues to keep us in suspense waiting for new material, but right now you can get a feel for the band’s sound by checking out their take on some of Joey Cape‘s solo songs.  Click here to hear some Bad Loud, and maybe even donate some money to help the band release more music.

Consisting of Joey Cape, Asher Simon on drums, and Carl Raether on bass, Joey Cape’s Bad Loud sounds to me somewhere between the faster side of Bad Astronaut and the slower end of Lagwagon with some guest appearances by Jon Snodgrass, Chad Price, and Angus Cooke.  Decide for yourself here.

As for prior releases, Joey Cape recently released the full album version of “Doesn’t Play Well With Others”, twelve songs released one at a time through 2010.

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