Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham on the next Social Distortion album

Last Friday, City Beat asked Social Distortion guitarist Jonny “2 Bags” Wickersham about the current status of their next studio album, which may or may not be released next year. He responded:

“In a perfect situation we would love to get a record out sooner than we have been putting them out. I don’t know that it looks like it will happen real soon. We have been really busy touring the last couple of years. As far as new material there are always new songs in the works. We will work on them at sound checks and rehearsals. When it comes time to get serious to put a record together, the songs that stick in our minds are the ones that are the best stuff and they typically make the record. We will finish it up. We will see. Conceivably we can get together and start really getting serious in the beginning of next year and have a record to follow shortly after that. It has to feel right. I have always felt it is a good thing not to rush records. I know that people like to see a record come out on a certain schedule with bands, but it is also good to evolve a little bit as people and as a band in between albums.”

Social Distortion last released Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes last year through Epitaph. The band is now on tour.

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