Jordan Burns talks about new Strung Out album

Communities Digital News recently conducted an interview with Strung Out drummer Jordan Burns, who talked about the band’s long-awaited new album Transmission Alpha Delta, which is expected to be released later this year. Asked if the album has been finished, Jordan replied:

“No, it is not. We started it. The reason we took a break is because our producer, Kyle Black, had some other commitments and he had to fulfill those commitments with some other bands. The plan is to get back in action after we get back from Australia. We’re leaving for Australia May 6 for the Hits and Pits Tour over there, which is gonna be really cool with Unwritten Law, Face To Face, Death By Stereo and just a bunch of bands. Anyways, one we get back from Australia, we’re gonna get straight back into the studio and the guys are gonna finish everything.

I’m done with my parts. It was a super intense session, way, way intense session. We were really nitpicking on everything. Yeah, I had some meltdowns in there and stuff. Maybe it’s kind of the typical thing, but it was actually not the typical thing because I would say this is the gnarliest recording session that I have done, as far as tracking drums. It’s gonna be pretty intense. I’m pretty happy with the way everything is coming out.

Jason’s completed maybe 80 percent of one or two songs and everything is sounding really good. Our producer sent some rough mixes and you never want to speak too soon, but my gut feeling right now is that this album is sounding the best out of any of our productions so far. It’s early in the game. I don’t want to mark my words on that, but that’s my gut feeling.”

Transmission Alpha Delta will be Strung Out’s first album since 2009’s Agents of the Underground.

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