July streams new song “Go Fall In Love With Someone Else”

Canadian pop punk band July have released a new song titled  “Go Fall In Love With Someone Else”. The song features singer Devin Moody who left the band earlier this year. You can read a statement on that from the group while you listen to the new tune below.

It’s been exactly one year since the release of their first album “What We Signed Up For” via TDR Records.

Statement from July:

“Every band has its ups and downs. They have good and bad experiences. And with every let down, they’re expected to get back up. Sometimes this can take a little longer than anyone expects. We’ve been silent for a long time and unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to return from that silence, yet.

It hasn’t been easy on us. Not touring, not playing shows and barely writing. It’s as upsetting for us as it is for you all. We feel like we’ve let ourselves down, even though it’s out of our control. But worst of all, we feel like we’ve let you down. That’s not to say that we’re not trying. It’s definitely not to say that your support means nothing. The very reason we keep trying and hustling on is for you guys. The overwhelming support and opportunity you’ve given us over the past few years has been immeasurable. We’re just four, occasionally five, currently three guys in a basement writing about what makes us happy or sad—and we don’t want to stop doing that. We’re trying our hardest to keep going.

Today marks the one year anniversary of our first full length, ‘What We Signed Up For’. This album took us halfway across the world and all over Canada and the US. It’s a collection of memories, ideas, experiences and sounds that helped us carve out a little chunk in each of your hearts and minds. While we know this one new song may not do much, we hope you all will like it. We hope it gives you as much hope that we’ll return as it gives us.

“Go Fall in Love With Someone Else” was written while we were on tour in Japan and finished when we got home. We recorded it in the summer of 2013 for a split EP, but due to circumstances out of our control, it never saw a proper release. It’s personally one of my favorite songs that we’ve ever written and I’m very happy that we now have the chance to share it with everyone.

We have no intention of stopping. But right now, we need to step back and properly figure out how to take a few more forward. Having a handful of new songs and no one to sing on them is a major curse to a band. It’s a person without a soul—a car without an engine. So, we want you to know that this is by no means a “goodbye” so much as it’s a “see you soon.”

So, see you soon.

-Sam, Andrew and Marc of July”

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