King Pizza Records hopes to build fun art scene and DIY culture in Brooklyn

The “scene” may be dying but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of people nationwide fighting like hell to keep it alive. People like Greg Hanson, Stefan Mersch and Bettina Warsaw of Brooklyn, New York based rock ‘n roll record label King Pizza Records. Over the last two years the tiny independent record label has accomplished quite a bit including signing more than 30 bands throughout the North East, throwing three multi-day multi-genre music festivals, throwing so many shows that they have all lost count, and they have been able to help a good portion of their bands release their first record.

“The label is negative on money which is fine because the label has always been about creating a scene and creating a community and helping out bands that never had a support system,” said Hanson, the founder of King Pizza. “Playing out wasn’t as much fun as it could be because it felt like after a show it was just ‘cool, see you at the next one … I guess.’ It was very much like we were orbiting our own thing and everyone we met was sort of doing the same thing. People were playing but not hanging out and mingling and I was like i want to hang out with these people I want to know what it’s like to be a part of a scene. I want to share ideas and members, i want an arts community because it’s more fun that way.”

The next mission in the label’s quest to build a scene is going to be their upcoming Fuzz-O-Rama festival at Brooklyn DIY venue Palisades. The all day festival is going to run from 1 p.m. Until 11 p.m. On Saturday March, 5 and feature 13 bands mostly from New York City, a few from around the North East, and even two that are coming in from Europe one from Italy and one from Germany.

“Greg isn’t alone in his mission. There are a few of us that help him out and want to see it become something. To us, King Pizza Records is more about bringing people together and community. Fuzz-O-Rama is really just an extension of that. Sometimes it’s just hard to get people to come to shows when there are so many any given night, so I wanted to do something a little bit bigger in the vein of Pizza Fest (a 3-day party/festival we throw every June) where you can really feel that vision and watch it truly come to life. My idea is that, as King Pizza, the more parties we throw, the more people who will notice what we’re doing,” said Mersch, the lead organizer of Fuzz-O-Rama.

The bands include Ultragross who will be playing their first show ever, Midriffs and Televibes in from Boston, Linear North from Albany, European friends GoZilla from Florence, Italy and The Roaming 420’s from Dresden Germany, and New York City Locals Mammoth Spirit, Street Smells, Warcries, Stuyeyed, as well as Hanson’s band The Mad Doctors and Mersch’s band Sun Voyager.

Ticket’s are $10 and set times can be found on the event’s facebook which is easily accessible by following this link.

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