Koffin Kats part ways with guitarist EZ Ian

Sad news for you Koffin Kats fans. Guitarist EZ Ian has announced he will be leaving the band to assist with family matters back at home. Ian joined Koffin Kats four years ago, after previous guitarist Tommy Koffin parted ways with the band.

Below are statements from Ian and frontman Vic Victor regarding the departure.

The guitarist’s last show with Koffin Kats was last night at Woodruff’s Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan with Break Anchor and The Gutter Ghouls. The band’s latest album “Born of the Motor” was released last year through Sailor’s Grave Records.

“Vic here… Changes in the Koffin Kats lineup are nothing new. I am grateful for every past member that gave their time on the road and in the studio with us. The 4 years Ian has spent with us have been great. Many good times in many great …places, and we enjoyed writing music together. Now, he is at a point in his life where things that are out of his control are requiring him to be home. Unfortunately it’s something that isn’t solved in a few months and it was agreed upon that he needs to focus on the matters at hand in his personal life. Without going into detail, and respect for his privacy, I will say that he is relinquishing his role in devoting all of his time and energy that he put into KK and focusing on his family. In no way can we, or should anyone else fault him for that. Below is a statement from Ian. For the record, we all love Tommy. But Tommy is flat out done with touring. He is one of my best friends but wants nothing to do with being in Koffin Kats again. So read on and Ian is gonna tell you who is next is next in line …”

“Much to my regret and with much consideration I’m writing this to let all my friends and fans know that I’m going to be leaving the band. I have some serious things going on at home and I need to be there for a while. I’m going miss all the amazing friends I’ve made and all the awesome places the Koffin Kats have taken me. Of course the driving force that is the Koffin Kats will continue to rage on. I leave the guitar in the capable hands of John “tender” Kay, a great friend and long time partner of the Koffin Kats. You may recognize his name on the back of Koffin Kat records as far back as Drunk in the Daylight. Thank you again to everyone who has made the last 4 years one hell of a party, love you guys!”

-EZ Ian

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