Kris Roe hopes new Ataris album will be released this year

The Ataris frontman Kris Roe was recently interviewed by Chicagoist, where he stated that he hopes the band will release their long-awaited new album The Graveyard of the Atlantic this year. Here’s an excerpt from the interview::

“Honestly, on paper that stuff looks really crazy…but it doesn’t hinder us. For me The Ataris are just an ongoing thing. When we’re out on the road if somebody has a drug problem or something—which has happened before—I don’t want to be a babysitter. I just give them a very nice, “Hey, get your shit together or find another band.” Right now I feel like we have a very strong lineup, we sound great and we’re able to coexist while I play these shows with my old bandmates. After this I’ll play some acoustic shows overseas and then hopefully put an album out by the end of this year.”

The Ataris, who recently reunited the So Long, Astoria lineup, released their last album Welcome the Night in 2007.

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