Kurt Brecht talks about new D.R.I. EP

D.R.I. frontman Kurt Brecht was recently interviewed by Phoenix New Times, where he talked about the band’s long-awaited new EP, which be their first set of all-new material since 1995. Asked why the band hasn’t released any new material in more than two decades, Brecht responded:

“We’d taken a good amount of time off. And when we came back together, we had many offers to play, so we started doing that and have just been busy trying to make a living playing and touring. Bands like us make most of our money touring and selling merchandise at live shows.”

The Phoenix New Times article also reveals that D.R.I. have been finalizing the artwork and liner notes of their new EP, which the band hopes will be released soon. Brecht explains, “Just a handful of songs to test the waters. We haven’t put out anything new in so long, so we wanted to see how much interest there really is in it.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the new EP, which is currently untitled, come to light. D.R.I.’s most recent studio album, Full Speed Ahead, was released in 1995.

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