Lay It On The Line split in two, to release new album in 2015

South London hardcore punks Lay It On The Line have announced that the band has split into two separate bands, who both have albums coming out next year.

Lay It On The Line most recently released Midnight In the Bellagio on September 21st through Aaahhh!!! Real Records.

“So, you may (or may not) know that we’ve been working on the debut Lay It On The Line album. However, the direction and sound has caused a lot of tension between us, so we have split.

Split in two, rather than split in the ‘hiatus’ way – Lay It On The Line is carrying on. I’m continuing it (along with some people we’ve had as touring musicians before) with a view to a heavier, more intense sound than before, whilst the others are releasing the album we’ve been working on – but as a new band completely. I’d say it’s quite a big departure from previous releases – more melodic.

So, expect a new release from Lay It On The Line very early in 2015 (it’s already 50% done – I’m still doing vocals and it’s being played by musicians we’ve had on tour before). It’s going to be less Melodic Hardcore and more like the bands that influence me – Raised Fist, Dead Swans, Bridge 9 Records bands. Heavier and with a bit of added brutality.

At the same time, the new band that Matt, Matt and Tristan are releasing the album that we’ve been working on, under a new name. That album will be out early 2015 too.

I plan to carry on playing the Lay It On The Line back catalogue at shows with the new lineup in 2015 – whether the others will in their new guise is up to them.

I have enjoyed playing with those dudes since we started in 2012. It’s just time to move on.

So, finally – A PLEA. Our final shows together as we are will be these ones coming up in December with Pariso. So please come out and have a watch. We’ll be doing stuff from all of our releases so far.

Mike, LIOTL.”



04 The Unicorn, London (No Pariso)

05 Winchester Gate, Salisbury

06 The Corner House, Cambridge

07 Mother’s Ruin, Bristol

12 Underground, Plymouth

13 Platform 5, Ashford

14 Sanctuary, Basingstoke

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