Lee Resistant and The Lost premiere new video, “Least Resistant”

“Stand up and fight. Let’s take our war into these streets tonight.”

Lee Resistant and The Lost are a London punk outfit fresh off the release of their debut EP, Thirteen Years Gone By… 

Of that, I’ve taken the liberty of swiping a little history on the band for reference, “Lee Resistant is the former frontman of acclaimed British punk band Fletcher, signed to Deck Cheese Records in the UK and Pyropit Records in Japan, and it is this pedigree that the Thirteen Years Gone By… EP tips it’s hat to, with re-recorded versions of songs from Lee’s back catalog, and the cover also referencing Fletcher’s 2003 album, My Revenge.”

Lee says: “Once I decided that I wanted to end 20l8 with a full band show, it was an easy decision to add some of the old songs into the set. I still think that the Fletcher material holds up well after all this time, and I honestly thought that I would never get to play those songs in a band situation again, so it was a lot of fun to give them a new lease of life… I think [re-recording old material] is a good way to bridge the gap between the music I made in the early 2000s to the music I’m making now, almost like a reintroduction, while we work on the LRATL full-length record.”

They are debuting a concert video for track number one on that EP, “Least Resistant”, today. You can stream that music video below.

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