Make Do And Mend finish new album

It’s officially official, Connecticut gravelcore punks, Make Do And Mend, are finished with their new album.  They posted the following on their facebook:

We are ecstatic to say that our new record is complete. Recorded, mixed and mastered. We couldn’t be any more excited to share it with you all. More info coming soon!”

In a recent article the band described the new album as such:

The word I’ve been using to try to sum it up for myself and other people is, the song are a lot rounder. I feel as though they’re a lot more dynamic. There’s certainly still heavy songs — in my opinion the heavy songs are heavier than ever — and then there are songs on which we never play a distorted guitar throughout the whole thing.

Make Do And Mend’s most recent release, an acoustic EP entitled “Part And Parcel,” was released on November 22nd through Paper + Plastick Records.

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  • Consider me stoked. Can’t wait to hear more from Make Do And Mend.

    Johnny X Reply:

    I’m just stoked nobody completely freaked at my use of “gravelcore”.

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