Make That A Take Records release “Book Yer Ane Fest VII” comp (Murderburgers, Antillectual, Uniforms, etc)

Make That A Take Records have just released part One of the “Book Yer Ane Fest VII” compilation featuring a bunch of pretty solid up and coming punk acts.  You can check it out by streaming it here and if you dig it you can download it for a £2 donation. All donations will go to Safe-Tay and the causes they support; this year being Tayside Mountain/Water Rescue.

Book Yer Ane Fest is a three-day DIY punk/hxc/emo/whatever festival hosted by Make-That-A-Take Records held annually in Dundee. It is a charity festival to raise money for Safe-Tay, a water safety charity, and the causes that it supports. Over the years they have raised in excess of £4000 for Safe-Tay and Tayside Mountain and Water Rescue.

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