Mark Sultan (BBQ) looking to recruit band members

Canadian musician and entrepreneur Mark Sultan, who has been in numerous garage bands including The King Khan & BBQ Show, in which he was known by his pseudonym BBQ and contributed vocals, guitar, tambourine, bass drum, and snare drum to the groups performance, is currently looking for a backing band for a new project.

Sultan recently posted the following on Facebook:

“I am looking for folks who might like to be a backing band for me for a few shows, here and there, in the USA and EUROPE. not really tours, just a few shows. i’d really like to rerecord some stuff, for fun, too, with a band, maybe throwing in a bunch of standards etc… i can do vox from here. contact me, if interested. it’s best, perhaps, if you’re already a band or friends. …it’s something i have wanted to do for a while. i just wanna focus on my voice. cool? cool. please write my inbox!
i posted this earlier, but i wanted to revise… i would rather hook up with an already existing band, or with people who play together than matchmake, cuz i don’t have time, and it makes more sense, considering i may be lucky enough to have people i could play with in a few places. you won’t get popular or be living it up, cuz i’m not and don’t. i don’t really want to play sloppy or noisy: i do that already. i want to give my voice a place to glow, somewhere where my songs can grow. i just rhymed. gross.”

Click here to contact Mark.

The King Kahn & BBQ Show released Invisible girl through In The Red Records in 2009.

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