Matt Hensley (of Flogging Molly) interviewed by Tony Hawk

In case you don’t have satellite radio (I don’t so I assume no one else does), a nice little interview done on Tony Hawk Radio on Wednesday has been made available for the hoi polloi. In the interview, Tony Hawk talks with Matt Hensley (accordionist for Flogging Molly) about their past in skateboarding, as well as the future of music and Flogging Molly.

Listen to the entire interview here.

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  1. cannon
    cannon2/4/2010 3:29 PM | Permalink

    Solid interview. I’ve been trying to find a reason to check out Matt’s Flying Elephant. My bro said that place is legit.

  2. 8/27/2010 1:39 PM | Permalink

    best bar in SD

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