Max Bemis and The Painful Splits announce “The Painful Splits Are Multiplying”

A few months ago it was announced via twitter that Max Bemis (Say Anything) would plan to release a new album by The Painful Splits, his side project that doesn’t have to do with Chris Conley or comics. Now Bemis has released a message confirming that the Painful Splits will be releasing their new album this summer, and it will be titled The Painful Splits Are Multiplying. You can read the full announcement here.

The Painful Splits Are Multiplying will be the fourth release under The Painful Splits name, and the first since 2011’s The Painful Splits Destroy.Hey y’all. People have been asking for/about this for a while, so I’m excited to announce I’ve completed the recording and mastering of a fourth Max Bemis and the Painful Splits record. The record, entitled “The Painful Splits Are Multiplying” and featuring 10 brand new songs, will be sold exclusively on tour at these summer’s shows with Eisley.

For those unfamiliar with these releases, the Painful Splits records are my way of sharing a more stripped down, raw element of my songwriting and production. All the songs are completely new (not Say Anything) songs that I’m really proud of and over the course of three self-released records, the project has evolved its own signature sound. This record will actually be slightly different than the others because I bought a nice microphone and taught myself Logic and got it mastered by someone professionally, so although the record will still be lo-fi-ish and raw, it sounds markedly better than the first three (mainly you won’t be able to hear my air conditioning unit. snff. poor air conditioning unit.) I’m quite proud of this.

My goal is to have each of these limited edition printings of the record hand signed, so i suggest coming out to these shows and bringing an extra ten bucks so you can snag one.

Thanks and see you this summer!

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