Montrose detail upcoming EP “Monster Under the Bed”

UK pop-punk band Montrose have revealed some details regarding their upcoming EP Monster Under the Bed. Bassist Jason Bishop had the following to say about the release:

“We want to make sure we don’t get lost in the crowd,”

“Our sound on the new release has definitely evolved; we’ve beefed it up and made it a bit more gritty.”

“We started to build a fan base with our original pop-punk sound and we haven’t lost that completely, but we’ve just tried to and add an edge to our songs,” continues the frontman: “We don’t want to just be another pop punk band; as much as we all love the genre and it’s current resurgence, we wanted to make ourselves stand out.”

“This release feels like we’ve finally found ‘our’ sound,”

“On the last EP we played it safe and didn’t push it too far, but this time we tried pushing our own musical boundaries. It’s pretty important to us to be feeling like this is our true sound, and we’re already looking forward to pushing it even more in the future. I think the fact that we don’t stick to the constraints of one genre will set us apart”

You can check out the video for the first single off the EP, which is called “Underperformer” as well as the track listing for the EP below.

Monster Under the Bed will serve as a follow-up to the group’s debut EP If Only You Knew.

1. Underperformer
2. The End Game
3. Walking Contradiction
4. Blush
5. Good Old Days
6. Fit For A King

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