Music Video: Altitude (Pop-Punk) – “Clincher”

Antwerpen, Belgium based pop-punk band Altitude has released a new music video for their track “Clincher.” You can check the video out below.

“Clincher” comes from the band’s upcoming album, titled “Dram-O-Rama” which is set to release on November 19 through Funtime Records. You can check the tracklist out for the album below the video.

“Dram-O-Rama” Track Listing: 

1. Clincher
2. The Bumpe
3. 25
4. Sobre (C’Mon)
5. Swing
6. Bullseye Launch The Trash
7. Can – interlude
8. We Once Played a Show Next To Hayley Williams (Showering)
9. Home
10. Wrong
11. Longue
12. Reality Check
13. Out

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