S&M punk act Gash release music video for “Ritual”

Five years running Dying Scene and I must say this is the first time I’ve come across an “S&M punk” band. Philly based Gash has released their first video for “Ritual” off of their debut “Subspace” EP and you can check it out in all its erotic glory below.

“Gash is part performance art, combining on-stage rituals with hardcore punk riffs, backed by blues-inspired melodic guitars. Singer Tibbie X often gets audience members to handcuff her to the microphone, or is publicly flogged by stage-dom Steph, offering herself to the crowd in acts of submission.”

I might have to check one of these shows out…

The new video shows cuts from New York City’s “Gotham Grindhouse” nights at Tammany Hall.

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  1. mizzmerrz
    Mizzmerrz10/12/2014 12:19 PM | Permalink

    I think its pretty awesome. Seen them live a few times and this really captures the energy of the live performance. Im not understanding the comparison to Genitortures. Gash is a local DIY sleaze punk band playing small venues and Genitortures are an electro band w label backing. More money = fancy polished choreography, etc…doesn’t seem to be what Gash is going for. Theres room for people to enjoy both without comparing the two.

  2. kimberly-messer
    Kimberly Messer5/4/2015 11:29 PM | Permalink


  3. jean-farris
    Jean Farris5/12/2015 4:41 AM | Permalink

    my fav :)

  4. blakecole
    BlakeCole5/15/2015 3:38 AM | Permalink

    nice video

  5. rodgersergio26/28/2016 9:01 AM | Permalink

    I like your efforts

  6. malliestroud8/2/2016 9:10 AM | Permalink


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