Music Video: The Mahones – “The Revolution Starts Now”

Celtic punks The Mahones have posted a music video for their song “The Revolution Starts Now”. The band has also released some information regarding the song, which comes from their eleventh studio album, Angels & Devils.

You can read the song’s background and watch the video here.

The Mahones released Angels & Devils last November on Divergent Recordings.

In summer of 2012, The Mahones recorded their 11th album, Angels & Devils, in their hometown of Montreal. At the time, Montreal students came together to protest the proposed tuition hikes, and on March 22nd, 2012, over 300,000 students and supporters united to exercise their right to peaceful assembly.
Sadly, the Quebec government responded by passing bill 78, an emergency bill restricting freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing on or near university grounds, and anywhere in Quebec without prior police approval. It was entirely unconstitutional, and a direct violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees the right to peaceful assembly. It has brought shame to the province of Quebec, and it escalated the student protests from an issue affecting those seeking an education (which is a right, not a privilege), to an issue affecting Canadian society as a whole. 
The Mahones stand united with the 500,000 students, supporters, and citizens who protested to end this violation of fundamental rights, and took to the streets to fight back against austerity. Never stop pushing back!

This song is for you.

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