Music Video: The Rumjacks – “Blows & Unkind Words” off upcoming album “Sober & Godless”

After a bit of laying low, New South Wales celtic punk outfit The Rumjacks are back and better than ever. The rejuvenated crew has signed with Troubador, and is getting ready to release their second full-length studio album, “Sober & Godless”, early next year, on their own label Black Mathilda Music. You can be sure to see a bunch more from these guys in the near future, as well as a bunch of touring starting in 2015.

The band has released a new music video for their song “Blows & Unkind Words”, which will appear on the upcoming LP. You can check it out below.

Have a read about what frontman Frankie McLaughlin had to say about the new work below.

The Rumjacks last released their debut full-length “Gangs Of Holland” back in 2010 through Laughing Outlaw Records.

We feel great…with a few solid shows under our belt and the new album ready to go, the energy is just humming…[we’ve] rallied quickly and set our goals, both personally & professionally…but it’s [been] the enormous and humbling support we’ve received that really gave us heart.This album centres on the heart…No two ways about it, and in a tight orbit around the heart are themes of near death, lost loves, conflict and cowardice, war, homesickness, fear, triumph. ‘Real life’ you might as well say…We haven’t tried to reinvent anything, just write really good songs and play them with all our heart for real people. The making of this album saw us wondering at this whole folk/punk thing as a wider genre, and what it means to us. The sickeningly rich tradition of people [setting] their story to song has continued unbroken by time, distance or malevolence – we see no good reason why it should stop with us. Call it Celtic punk, folk, rock or whatever, we have to keep telling each other our story, that’s the only thing that keeps us human – this album finds us right here, living very much in the now…We feel compelled now, more than ever, to work as hard and travel as far and wide as necessary to thank everybody personally. That alone should see us through for a while yet.

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