New benefit comp “Songs For Sarah” featuring 40 tracks (Captain, We’re Sinking, Pentimento, Dikembe, Stickup Kid, many more)

A new compilation CD has just been released, and features work from 40 musicians and artists including Go For Broke, The Scandals, Nothington, Seaway, Pentimento, and many, many more. A different artist for each track.

The comp is entitled “Songs For Sarah”, and will benefit a victim of a home invasion. You can read more and listen to the comp below.

My little sister Sarah was recently the victim of a home invasion that left her not only missing personal belongings but also her sense of safety in her own home. Over the last few weeks I’ve put together a compilation of songs to help Sarah get back on her feet. The result is Songs for Sarah, a compilation of 40 songs for $4. 100% of funds raised go right to Sarah to replace the things she lost.


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