New cover: Some Sort of Threat playing Iron Chic’s ‘Time Keeps on Slipping into the (Cosmic) Future’

UK acoustic punk hero Some Sort of Threat has covered Iron Chic‘s ‘Time Keeps on Slipping into the (Cosmic) Future’ for the PV Undercover project that Cats? Aye! Records are doing, getting various friends and acquaintances to cover other songs.

The track is an interesting acoustic take on the original, you can check it out here, as well as covers of Cheap Girls, The Lawrence Arms and The Weakerthans by some other great UK acts.

Interesting fact, the PV in ‘PV Undercover’ stands for Paul’s Vanity, as label member Paul is a big vain jerk that thinks he deserves cover songs from everyone he knows with a guitar. Considering the quality of the tracks he’s got so far we can probably forgive him.

If you like the sound of these tracks it’ll be worth giving the Cats? Aye! Records guys a like on their Facebook, as my inside sources have informed me they’ve got some covers by pretty big, international acts coming up that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

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