New Found Glory not going on hiatus, releasing Christmas tape and live album instead

Despite earlier reports that New Found Glory frontman Jordan Pundik announced that the band was planning on taking a hiatus from performing, guitarist Chad Gilbert was quick to take to Twitter to dispel the very notion of a temporary break from music. Here’s a transcription of what Gilbert had to say:

Who & why did someone say we are going on hiatus? That’s the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard! We love what we do. You couldn’t pay us to quit! … Hey @alterthepress! Don’t alter the press. Jordan didn’t use the word hiatus! We are taking time off that’s it. Maybe 6 months at most haha … [In response to quote from Pundik “But to be honest I don’t think we’ll have anything new out until 2014”] That just means a new album duh wtf … First NFG live record w/ new songs next year! … Hiatus is not for NFG. We like playing shows and being a band more than anything. I think what Jordan said was misconstrued! … Work your butt off and one butthole adds his own statement to the end of an interview & the world believes it. Jordan never said those words … Anyway! Goodnight world. Glad you know the real deal now! A Hiatus can kiss my A$$! [sic]

It looks like pop punk isn’t dead after all. In fact, as confirmed by Gilbert’s tweets, pop punk will be live in the form of a live album. And featuring new songs.

Additionally it looks like the band will be releasing some sort of Christmas themed cassette tape, as evidenced by this photo. That, or they’ve just been having fun with photoshop.

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