New Music: Josh Freese announces new album, awesome order options

In addition to being a full-time member of The Vandals, Devo and Weezer and session drummer for the likes of The Offspring, Mike Ness, Social Distortion, Viva Death and a couple hundred more, Josh Freese somehow finds time to release solo albums of his own. His latest offering, “My New Friends,” was released yesterday and features some pretty awesome purchase options.

Ever wanted a copy of Josh’s fifth grade report card? Or to get a mani/pedi with Josh and Twiggy Ramirez before having Josh write a song about you? Or have Dexter from the Offspring fly you to San Luis Obispo for lunch? Or hit up Build-A-Bear with Josh and Johnny Knoxville? Maybe you want your copy of the album to come with Josh’s Volvo station wagon. If so, head here to check out your options.

Josh Freese’s last release was his 2009 full-length “Since 1972.”

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