New Music: Powernap (feat. Hugo from the Sainte Catherines) – “Love Slow, Die Whenever”

If you haven’t heard of Powernap (which, admittedly, I hadn’t until about twelve minutes ago), they’re a veritable Quebecois punk rock supergroup featuring members of the Heisenbeards, Brixton Robbers and, of course, Hugo Mudie of The Sainte Catherines. The band recently debuted the lyric video for the track “Live Slow, Die Whenever.” Check it out below.

“Live Slow, Die Whenever” is slated to appear on the band’s forthcoming release. Not sure of many more details yet, but it’ll be out on Asian Man Records. Stay tuned…

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  1. vdubowner
    vdubowner3/12/2014 5:36 PM | Permalink

    Great stuff. The Sainte Catherines and Powernap will both be performing at the Amnesia Rockfest. It Should be good…

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