New record label Cats? Aye! Records offers free sampler (Bangers, Great Cynics, Above Them)

Good news for everyone, free music is free wherever you are. A small group of friends across England have joined forces and formed a record label, and to celebrate that have compiled a compilation to showcase the music that has inspired and interested them.

Cats? Aye! Records have managed to secure a whole load of excellent British bands and artists for the sampler, including Bangers, Great Cynics and Above Them, and a couple of international acts including The Smith Street Band.

The first release has been announced as a split 7” with Leagues Apart and Dinner Time. To keep up to date with that and to support people that care make your way to the Facebook page and have a click on ‘Like’. After you’ve done that (or before) go to the bandcamp page and download the sampler for no money at all. It’s all free, and you get 22 excellent songs by excellent popular and under-appreciated punk acts.

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