New Song: Coheed And Cambria cover “Under The Milky Way”

coheed-and-cambriaProgressive punk/rock act Coheed And Cambria are streaming a cover of Under The Milky Way on their MySpace page.  The song, originally recorded by The Church, has been covered live a few times by the band, mostly at festivals.  Regarding the cover the band stated:

…this is the version we did when Travis and I were working it out to play live. We treated it just like a new song, and rewrote parts and added stuff and played around with it till we thought it had it’s own vibe, but still gave respect to the original. I cleaned it up and made it presentable for you all.  This is just a holiday gift to you, it’s not from the new record, it’s only me and Travis and our gadgets, and we hope you like it.

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