New Song: “Struggler” from Bomb The Music Industry! (free download)

strugglerA new song has been recorded and posted by Bomb The Music Industry! It’s called Struggler and it’s available for streaming and download on the band’s blog.  Here’s what was posted about the song on their blog:

So, I don’t know how many of you have been keeping track, but five years ago today I recorded a song called “Sweet Home Cananada” at my parents’ house. I put it up under the name “Bomb the Music Industry!” for people to hear and was surprised to hear such a positive response…  Anyway, I figured it’d be appropriate to share this new song, recorded the same way as the first song: in my bedroom and bubbling with both the fear that everyone’s gonna think it’s stupid and enough tunnel vision (read: stupidity) to say, well, I couldn’t give a fucking shit if anyone does. Thank you for listening.

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