News Update: Detained Indonesian punks say “punk will never die!”

In case you haven’t been keeping track, 65 youth were detained last week at a charity punk rock concert in Indonesian and forced into a “reeducation” camp, forced to shave their mohawks, burn their “punk clothes” and “military-style drills.”

As can be expected, the punk ethos remains alive and well in the youth, who are not going quietly into the night…

[T]he young men and women have shown no signs of bending.

When commanders turn their backs, the shouts ring out: “Punk will never die!” Fists are thrown in the air and peace signs flashed. A few have managed briefly to escape, heads held high as they are dragged back.

They will be released Friday, after having completed 10 days of “rehabilitation,” from classes on good behavior and religion to military-style drills aimed at instilling discipline.

You can read the whole Associated Press article here. If you are interested in contributing to the cause, check out Mike Virus’ 70-artist, five-disc benefit compilation project and get involved!

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