Noodles talks about new music from The Offspring

The Offspring guitarist Noodles recently spoke to The Des Moines Register about new material from the band. Contrary to earlier reports that they were in the studio, Noodles said that The Offspring are currently not in full album mode, but have been working on some ideas for future material, stating:

“We’re not necessarily in full album mode, but we’re definitely doing a few things. When we have some time off we’re going to get into the studio and make it real. We’re thinking we might do things a little different. Do we want to continue with Columbia, go somewhere else or try something our­selves? It’s a different world now and not necessarily an album world.”

The Offspring are planning to release a special edition of Smash in mid-August on their former label Epitaph Records. The band, who is currently unsigned, last released Days Go By in 2012.

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