North Side Kings working on new material

Remember North Side Kings and their singer Danny who punched Glenn Danzig back in 2004? They are back from their hiatus and Danny recently told Phoenix News Times that he has been working on new songs for a possible new North Side Kings album. He states:

“I’d like to do another North Side Kings album. I have songs, but I don’t have any lyrics. Back then, I owned a furniture store. I was dealing with customers, and I had a lot of stress. Now I work for a big corporation. When I get done and my day is over, I’ve got a wonderful wife to come home to and I hang in the pool, drinking wine, smoking cigars. I don’t have that angst in me to write those lyrics anymore.”

North Side Kings released their last album Suburban Royalty back in 2007. After the release of that album, the band went on hiatus.

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