Introducing New Folk/Punk Act: Old Coyote Club (recommended)

I know next to nothing about UK Folk/Punk outfit Old Coyote Club but I do know I’m highly intrigued by everything I’ve heard from them.  Granted, “everything” is only two songs, but those two songs are f’ing fantastic and now I’m jonesin’ to hear more.  From what I can tell off their maddeningly incomplete facebook page this is a new project and the tunes “Build Bombs” and “Hustle Roses” comprise all the material the band has recorded to date.  If you dig acoustic folky-punk stuff I highly recommend you give both songs a listen below.

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  1. nor-less-no-more
    Nor Less No More2/13/2014 1:19 PM | Permalink

    Back bedroom Backyard dirty blues – Nice one Boys!

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